#NLdays 4

Time to update you about my time in the Netherlands! Why I’m planning on extending my stay and how blogger business is going over here… 

In a few days I’m leaving Rotterdam to spend a few days with my family in North Germany during Christmas holidays. It’s been more than three months since I left Berlin!

As you may have noticed in the past blogposts of my #NLdays series, I’ve been thinking of extending my stay since I came here. So here’s the good news: I’m allowed to stay and study here for three more months, until April. Studying here instead of enjoying my semester break in Berlin actually has a few advantages. Firstly, I can stay longer, which is most important to me. Secondly, taking more courses now is going to pay off during my last semester in which I’m supposed to write my Bachelor thesis. Luckily, term 3 at Erasmus University ends exactly the week before the semester at my home university starts.

The reason why I actually want to stay longer is quite simple: I just like living here! I like the international vibe at the university, the interesting mix of architecture in the city and of course the people I got to know here. Moreover, there are so many dutch words I have to learn and bars and restaurants I have to try!

Additional to that, I don’t really miss Berlin to be honest. Thinking about this huge, fucked up city, I’m even more happy to be here. Even though there are in fact a few things working better in Berlin. One of them is the whole blogger thing. Especially because of the network I built up working in Berlin during the past year, working there was a lot easier for me. Here in the Netherlands, Influencer marketing is not as big as in Germany yet. On top, most agencies, creative networks and, not to forget, influencers are based in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, I do have some brands I’ve been working with for a long time now.

Since not only christmas but also winter is coming closer, I’ve included a few of my favorite winter looks in this post. Most of them contain at least one Esprit item! In addition to cozy knit, the most comfortable denim and stylish checked pants, Esprit makes the coolest velvet pieces. I’ve been wearing the top which I’ve linked you below under oversized knit lately. Another velvet piece by Esprit I can’t stop wearing is my beloved Military Cap.



* Created in collaboration with Esprit. 

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